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L’Abbaye Ste-Mère

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Abbaye Ste-Mère
Abbaye Ste-Mère is a pressed curd, uncooked washed rind cheese.


A member of the Port-du-Salut family, it can be recognised by its fine, moist rind, its yielding texture and its slightly salty taste. For all its natural mildness, it has both taste and character!

With its nice semi-soft texture this french cheese has a smooth fruity taste with a slightly stronger finish. Easy on the palate, this cheese is perfect for cheese lovers as well as people that are not used to eat cheese!

The Abbaye Ste-Mère production:




We are meticulous over every aspect of manufacture, to ensure that our customer receive a consistently high standard of product.


We start with a  selective-filtration of the milk, in order to increase food safety . After this step, milk is curdled and then thoroughly stirred before being drained and soaked in a brine bath.



These cheeses spend at least three weeks in our ripening chambers, during which time their rinds are regularly scrubbed with brine, to which the natural colouring agent annato has been added. This builds up the beautiful orange skin colour of the cheese.


As with all our products, our Abbaye Ste-Mère is made exclusively from the best Normandy milks, which are distinguishable by their exceptional richness in cream, proteins and vitamins. These milks are collected every 48 hours then brought to our reception tanks, where they undergo the first of a series of tests to ensure that they reach our required quality standards.

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