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Le Camembert

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               Camembert, the King of Normandy cheese, was born in 1791 in Lower Normandy, invented by Marie Harel. In the next few years after this date, the production method was modified to give the product that every french know and like.

                   In 1890 Jules Charrel created a wooden box for the french cheese. The goal was to carry the cheeses across long distances without any damage. At the time the Camembert was carrying on big mass of straw, not very convenient …


           Our Camembert is made exclusively from the best milks of Normandy, which are distinguished by their exceptional richness in cream, protein and vitamins. These milks are collected every 48 hours and brought to our reception tanks. Here they undergo a series of tests to ensure that they meet our highest quality standards before being pasteurised.

Starting with our choice of lactic starters through to the final salting and maturing of our Camembert, we are meticulous in every aspect of its production. We want to ensure that you are offered a consistently high quality of product.

What does Camembert taste like?

The Camembert is a creamy cheese developing a lactic and fruity flavor and a strong finish. It is typically half ripened at two weeks and fully ripened at four weeks.


Camembert ripening process

Camembert ripening process

Once salted our Camemberts go into special chambers called hâloirs. As they are turned by hand, the white, fluffy skin begins to form and a scent of apples hangs in the air. The Camemberts are then moved to ripening cellars.


We are the last cheesemakers to ripen our Camemberts on traditional wooden planks. Twelve days is a minimum to develop the full flavour and to ensure that the cheese is protected by a fine white rind.


We can ensure that each customer receives a cheese which consistently meets their exact taste and texture profile: typically these would be half ripened at 30 days; ripened at 50 days and fully ripened at 70 days.

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