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Le Fromage Frais

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Fromage frais

Fromage frais

The natural progression of milk, Fromage Frais is the first ever cheese, both from a technical perspective and in history.


Six millennia ago, mankind was already mastering the art of curdling and draining Fromage Frais.


Fromage Frais lends itself to all sorts of sweet and savoury treatments. Sweetened with a hint of honey or a dusting of brown sugar, it goes well with soft fruit, such as strawberries or raspberries. Or just as it is, for the purists!


For savoury courses, it can be the beginning of some interesting and light sauces. Try adding just a touch of spice or a bundle of culinary herbs or a finely chopped shallot.

Fromage frais is an ideal accompaniment to grilled meat or fish, a simple dish of fresh pasta or a few raw vegetables!


Its rounded textures combined with its full flavour and delicate acidulated notes make it an essential ingredient and foodstuff. It is also a simple and healthy gastronomic pleasure.

The Fromage Frais making process:

The milk is seeded with carefully selected lactic starters.It is then left to mature for 16 hours and finally filtered to separate the whey from the Fromage Frais.


The final product as a nice tart flavor delicious with fruit or honey as well as being a great alternative to creme fraiche for cooking. The Isigny Ste-Mère Fromage Frais 40%, arrived first fromage frais at the world cheese awards 2009.


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