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Le Pont l’Évêque

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Pont l'ÉvêqueThe most senior of Normandy cheeses, Pont l’Évêque was first recorded in the twelfth century, under the name of “Angelot”.
It was made by Cistercian monks near Caen and was a favorite ending for a meal, served with fruit. The making of this cheeses spread gradually over much of Normandy.
It was given the name Pont l’Évêque at the end of the sixteenth century, after the charming village of that name. All the know-how Normandy could muster was put into that cheese with its soft texture and golden rind.
The subtle and elegant Pont l’Évêque exudes a delicious scent of hazelnuts, which, on a cheeseboard, makes it a perfect companion for the noble Normandy AOC Camembert or an AOC Livarot. With a plain slice of bread or a few dried figs, the Pont l’Évêque goes down well with a glass of chilled dry cider or perhaps a wine from either the Loire or Bourgogne.


       Our AOC Pont l’Évêque is made exclusively from the best Normandy milks, which are distinguished by their exceptional richness in cream, protein and vitamins. These milks are collected every 48 hours and brought to our reception tanks. Here they undergo a series of tests to ensure that they meet our highest quality standards.

The Pont l’Évêque production process:

AOC Pont l'Évêque

We are meticulous about every single stage of the manufacture of our cheeses. From seeding the milk with carefully selected lactic starter cultures, to its maturation, renneting, the cutting of the curds and salting, everything possible is done to ensure a consistently high quality product.
Once removed from the moulds, they are regularly washed in salt water and turned by hand in the traditional way.
Throughout the maturation, our Head Cheesemaker carefully watches over the correct development and flora of the rind, which ensures the creamy texture of the finished cheese. Our Pont l’Évêque acquires its full character during its slow ripening, which lasts between four and five weeks.
After this time, they are graded and sorted as only cheesemakers know how: they are finished to meet customers’ exact requirements to the letter.

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